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Hypnotherapy, Meditation, Boutique, Energy Work, Intuitive Work and more! Whether you are looking to remove blocks, manage PTSI, relax to experience higher levels of consciousness, or if you're seeking clarity around certain areas of your life, The Zen Room is a still and quiet space where relief, answers and peace can be found.  

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Whether you're looking for a treasure for yourself or a gift for another, shop The Zen Room for essential oils, crystals, jewelry, trinkets and more. Most everything you will find in The Zen Room will assist you on your journey to a happier, healthier and more balanced life. Come visit us at 7473 Monterey St. #2, Gilroy, Ca. 95020.

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Dawn Culp

Dawn is a Meditation Coach, Reiki Master Teacher, Certified Hypnotherapist, Author and Owner of the Zen Room.  Using a combination of techniques, Dawn assists her clients who are looking to remove blocks, reduce stress, release energy and/or emotions no longer serving them, seek clarity around certain areas of their lives, manage pain, experience higher levels of consciousness or tap into that intuitive part of themselves as opposed to being beholden to their inner critic or ego. Dawn assists her clients in finding untapped potential so they can experience a better life for themselves.  

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Jen Lewis

Jen is a Wellness Coach, Reiki Master, and a former First Responder with a vast understanding of Post Traumatic Stress Injuries now passionately assisting others to live with more peace, balance and sense of wellbeing.

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Kimberly Gregory

Kimberly is a Certified Breathwork Facilitator and Holistic Health Coach. Kimberly holds a safe space for others to process and release unexpressed emotions and trauma by facilitating the healing on a somatic level to help restore the parts that have been hurt or forgotten.  

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Location:  7473 Monterey St. #2, Gilroy, Ca. 95020

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Ponder this...

There are several tips to bowling a great game that every bowler knows such as the importance of picking the right bowling ball, wearing the right shoes, having a relaxed swing with consistent follow through and perfect body positioning. Sure, there are all kinds little bowling details (and probably some funny superstitions) that avid bowlers will say are must-haves and they probably vary from bowler to bowler. In the end, however, every bowler can agree on one thing - you can't hit a strike from the gutter. If we can look at the game of bowling and use it as a metaphor for life, the pins would represent our goals, hopes and dreams, the ball would represent our momentum towards those goals, hopes and dreams and the lane would be our journey. Simple enough, right? Let's say the 10 bowling pins that are
Any good pastry chef will tell you there are recipes when a cup of sugar is appropriate, recipes where a teaspoon of sugar is called for and other times when a sprinkle of sugar is all you need. In most cases in baking, it would be detrimental to the recipe to interchange a teaspoon for a cup or a sprinkle. Our taste buds already know this but when it comes to expectations we often get this wrong. I was teaching a class one Saturday afternoon and I had a variety of students in my class. I'm going to leave the topic of the class out of the mix because this scenario could apply to any teacher, mentor or coach discussing any topic on any given day. Within my class I had some students who were very familiar with the content I was teaching, others who had never heard any of these concepts, and many folks
Do you remember a time in Kindergarten or early grade school when you were asked by your teacher to draw a picture of your family or paint a picture of your pets? Even if you can't remember actually putting crayon to paper, I'll bet you know a day like that existed while some of you may even have a picture or two from your parents' shoebox-of-art collection to remind you. On the other hand, some of you may have been more moved by science. You may remember spending hours putting together a science experiment for no other reason than you wanted to "see what would happen." I remember all of these scenarios. In those very early years, we drew or painted because it was fun, not because the finished painting needed to sell at an art gallery for a respectable price. We drew because we liked drawing, not