Patience: Learning to Slow Your Roll

If someone would have told me 20 years ago that in 20 years I'd be writing a blog on the benefits of patience, I would have hurried them through to the end of their sentence, rolling my eyes, while impatiently waiting for them to get to the next topic of conversation. When my dad was alive he would tease me that patience was never my strong suite.

Play Your Note

Anyone who knows me knows that I love meditation - all kinds of meditation from silent meditation to guided meditation to breathing meditation to zoning-out-while-doing-the-dishes meditation. Sometimes my meditations are calming and centering and sometimes they are more like a dream with a hidden treasure inside; a visualization with a lesson, so-to-speak.

The Virtues of Yin and Yang

Imagine, if you will, that it's Springtime. You're looking forward to planting this year's garden which you have decided will include not only your traditional fruits and vegetables, but various flowers as well. You make a trip to the nursery to choose your seeds or plants and whatever your special cocktail needs might be to create the perfect soil for this year's crop.

The Chakra Jukebox

I always say that no one has a more interesting job than I do. (Granted, I know this is not the case but my hope is that everyone gets to make a similar claim when thinking about their work using verbs like "rewarding" or "exciting" or "satisfying"...) One day I found myself with a meditation client ready to launch into my usual speech about the various Chakras - what they govern, what an unbalanced Chakra might feel like, etc.