Meditation: Fly Above the Storm

Anyone who has ever been on an airplane has probably experienced the slightly uncomfortable (or downright terrifying) feeling of turbulence. You know, those rocky bumps in the air that jar the cabin or those brief moments of free-falling as you hit an air pocket. Most of the time, the passengers can weather those moments with a nervous laugh, but if the turbulence is particularly bad, those same passengers may find themselves having a quick conversation with their higher power.

Being Grounded Isn't a Punishment

Anybody that knows me has heard me say, more than once, that staying grounded is of the utmost importance. You can Google The Importance of Grounding and get a long list of articles from electricians stating the importance of grounding. I actually did just this and noticed that an electrician's list for why grounding is so important isn't that much different than my list of reasons to ground ourselves energetically/spiritually.

Emotional Bee Sting

A common question that I get from my clients and friends pertains to the irritation they hold for themselves when they let things bother them that they want to let go of, particularly because they "should know better by now."  I hear it all the time, especially from those who have done a lot of work on themselves mentally and/or spiritually.

Talk Sick is Toxic

We all know how it feels to let something hurtful pass our lips particularly if we're aware of the hurt we've caused to another.  If the cause and effect is there in the flesh for us to see, we can actually feel sick to our stomachs. We don't have to imagine very hard how we would feel if we said, "You are worthless" to a very dear friend and watched his or her eyes fill up with tears.