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You Can't Hit Strikes From the Gutter

There are several tips to bowling a great game that every bowler knows such as the importance of picking the right bowling ball, wearing the right shoes, having a relaxed swing with consistent follow through and perfect body positioning. Sure, there are all kinds little bowling details (and probably some funny superstitions) that avid bowlers will say are must-haves and they probably vary from bowler to bowler.

A Sprinkle, A Teaspoon or a Cup

Any good pastry chef will tell you there are recipes when a cup of sugar is appropriate, recipes where a teaspoon of sugar is called for and other times when a sprinkle of sugar is all you need. In most cases in baking, it would be detrimental to the recipe to interchange a teaspoon for a cup or a sprinkle. Our taste buds already know this but when it comes to expectations we often get this wrong.

Putting the Muse Back in Music

Do you remember a time in Kindergarten or early grade school when you were asked by your teacher to draw a picture of your family or paint a picture of your pets? Even if you can't remember actually putting crayon to paper, I'll bet you know a day like that existed while some of you may even have a picture or two from your parents' shoebox-of-art collection to remind you. On the other hand, some of you may have been more moved by science.

A New Look at the Word "Negative"

Our society has become a little obsessed with the word negative when we refer to it in terms of emotions and/or feelings and somewhere along the way the word has gotten a bad wrap.

When we look up the word negative in the dictionary, these are the top definitions for the word in its use as a noun, verb and adjective: