Manifesting Abundance Workshop



Many people have accidentally trained their brain to think about the things they want from a "lack of" or "scarcity" mindset as opposed to a mindset of abundance. This three hour workshop will help you move from a "scarcity" mindset to an "abundant" mindset through an analytical association exercise, group guided imagery and a new and empowering way of budgeting. It is my sincerest intention that incorporating everything learned will propel you into a new paradigm - including how you think about, feel, spend and strategize your finances - allowing you to finally manifest abundance.

Class will be held in The Zen Room - 7473 Monterey st. #2, Gilroy

When: October 8, 2022 from Noon-3:00

Cost - $35 Deposit to sign up.  $60 due on day of class.

Price: $35.00