Online Course: Reiki Mentorship


The Zen Room's Reiki Mentorship Program is a 6-video module, online course designed to assist you in cultivating, understanding, developing and becoming confident with your Reiki training. This course reviews details around business elements for creating a successful Reiki business, best practices, detailed answers to popular questions and deep dive conversations around advanced Reiki training. The total length of the class is 6 hours of video content.

Take your Reiki practice to the next level.

I'm excited to offer this program to you and have designed it to be cost effective and convenient - you can watch it at your own pace and as many times as you like.  I can't wait to get you on your way to becoming confident and successful Reiki practitioners and/or users of Reiki Energy. In this 6 hour video course you will learn:

  • Different ways to explain Reiki to someone
  • Tools to create a beautiful Reiki enviroment
  • Tips on waiver language and business decisions
  • Reiki levels, certifications and attunements
  • Deeper understanding of how Reiki symbols work
  • Discussion on no-touch vs. light-touch Reiki
  • What it means to hold space as well as tips to become great at holding space
  • Understanding healing cleanses
  • Deeper understanding of energy releases during an energy session
  • How to Start and Finish a Reiki session
  • How to charge for Reiki and understanding your value
  • Considerations around tipping vs. not tipping
  • Understanding the importance of confidentiality
  • Understanding the importance of keeping a clean channel/energy body
  • A look at different energy systems (meridians, nadis, chakras, aura)
  • A deep dive into the 7 major chakras 
  • Looking at speaking your client's language
  • Suggestions to clients on energy maintenance
  • What to expect after a Reiki session (both client and practitioner)
  • Suggestions for conducting remote sessions
  • Answers to common questions on Reiki and energy work in general
  • Reiki is a journey and an evolution - staying open

"I'm so excited to have had the opportunity to take this 6-course Reiki remote training! Each course helped me to identify the necessary practices I knew I needed to start my own Reiki business. The training is well worth the value. It has given me better awareness around what I might encounter in the future, increased confidence, and the necessary tools to take the next steps in building my Reiki business. I can’t wait for this new Reiki journey and adventure!"  - Gina L.



Price: $195.00