The Zen Room - Inspiration Deck Guidebook

Intuition Drawing the Intuition card is a reminder that you have an Intuitive voice that lives in your heart. The question is are you listening to it or silencing it? You will know it is the voice of Intuition because it doesn't judge. Intuition is loving by nature and only cares about your best and highest good. Your Intuition is calling you to move in a certain direction.  Listen!
Ego Drawing the Ego card is a reminder that you have an Ego. The question is are you managing your Ego or letting it steer the ship? If you find yourself embroiled in a conversation or situation where you are comparing, degrading, justifying or worrying about appearances, Ego may be holding the megaphone. Ego can really pull you off track so listen to your Intuition to find your center again.
Inner Child Drawing the Inner Child card is a reminder that you have Inner Child. Are you taking the time to understand what he/she is saying? If you find yourself harkening back to feelings or fears like you used to have in your childhood, you may have some Inner Child work to do so that you can let it in the joy and get back on track. We need to understand the Inner Child but we don't let kids drive the car.
Inner Critic Drawing the Inner Critic card is a reminder that you have that very critical part of yourself. Inner Critic will try to convince you that you are not strong enough, not worthy enough, not young enough, not thin enough, not rich enough, not smart enough, etc.  Your Inner Critic is lying! When this voice is loud, revert your attention to your Intuitive Self. Your Intuition will remind you that what is true is always in direct opposition to what your Inner Critic is desperately trying to convince you of...don't let it.
Breath Air Drawing the Breath Air card is a reminder that we all need air to breathe. If you have a habit of holding your breath or shallow breathing, do some deep breathing exercises. Breathing deeply is not only wonderful for getting more oxygen into the system, it helps regulate your head/heart coherence while settling the mind and soul. If you feel an anxious moment coming on, remember to regulate your breathing. This card may also suggest getting out in the fresh air more. This is important for people who spend a lot of time indoors. Breath in some lovely fresh air. The Breath Air card can also suggest that it's time to take a pause or a break from something.  Sometimes a pause is just what we need to create some space for new ideas to come.
Earth Ground Drawing the Earth Ground card is a reminder that we all need to connect to Mother Earth. Every plant knows this to be true but humans forget this one a lot. The Earth has wonderful electrons pulsing within it and our Ancestors knew the importance of connecting with The Earth.  Get your hands in the soil, walk barefoot on the grass, take a walk in the sand.  Be skin on skin with the planet.  Go camping. Get back to nature. This card can also suggest that it is finally time to turn your ideas into things. It's time to take action steps and turn your dreams into reality.
Sun Fire

Drawing the Sun Fire card may suggest that you need to get more creative. Music, art, dance, writing, or creative projects will help ignite a passion inside of you that will translate into other areas of your life.  When you find yourself in a passionate state where you are "on fire" about a project, all aspects of your life will have a lot more joy. This card can also suggest that it's time to get out and enjoy more sunshine and let your body get some beautiful Vitamin D.  

Water Hydrate Drawing the Water Hydrate card may suggest you need to drink more water. Water helps move toxins out of the body, provides energy, nourishes and helps keep everything moving as it should. Nothing healthy in nature is stagnant. Fluidity is key. This card also reminds us that we need to be fluid and flexible in our lives. Being agile and fluid is the opposite of control.  When things don't seem to be going the way you planned, allow yourself to go-with-the-flow instead of fighting against the current.
Animal Kingdom

Drawing the Animal Kingdom card suggests that benefits come when working with animals. Sometimes  humans teach animals and often times they teach humans as they are very in touch with nature and source. Try meditating to see understand the benefits of working with animals.

Mineral Kingdom Drawing the Mineral Kingdom card may suggest that working with crystals, stones, minerals will bring benefits to a particular situation you may be encountering or for your life in general. Choose a crystal that is calling to you and try wearing it for a week. You can also meditate or sleep with crystals to see if relief, insight, improved energy is perceived. Crystals and stones are powerful and loud in an energetic sense.  See what happens when your energy system is influenced by their energy system.
Plant Kingdom Drawing the Plant Kingdom Card may suggest that working with herbs, plants, essential oils, Bach flowers will assist with a mis-alignment. Seek help from a professional to see how the plant kingdom may help you.  This card may also suggest that more fruits and vegetables would be good to add to the diet. 
Human Kingdom Drawing the Human Kingdom card may suggest that integrating more with society will be beneficial. Humans are social and, at our best, we are cooperative, fun, supportive, loving and communicative.  Should you find humans to be intolerable, self-work and reflection is in order because our environment is a projection of what we hold inside. Remind yourself that humans are wonderful.  If that is not the experience you are having, internal pain is likely the cause for both the judge and the judged.  Heal the wound and compassion is inevitable.  At the core, behind the fear and the pain, humans are wonderful.
Adventure Drawing the Adventure card may suggest that you are hearing a call or feeling a pull to an adventure but putting it on the back burner. Consider answering the call to adventure even if only giving it a little bit of time and attention at first.  If answering a call has you convinced that you will need to upend your life immediately then moving in that direction at all feels scary. Try dipping your toe in the water and see where the momentum takes you.  In other words, answer the call to adventure having NO expectations of the outcome. Just enjoy the fun of it.
Travel Drawing the Travel card may suggest that you need to experience new cultures, societies, people, belief systems, foods, etc. Sometimes getting outside your bubble of comfort can shift perspectives and have you broaden your horizons and dream bigger dreams.  Exposure to different systems can also help to understand a situation from a different side which helps strengthen compassion and unity.
Perspective Drawing the Perspective card may suggest that you need to look at something from a whole new angle.  An energetic way to do this would be to meditate on seeing a situation from the opposite side of the opinion you hold.  A practical way of doing this would be to debate a situation, (look at the pros and cons) from both perspectives. When I was in school I would have to debate a topic from one side on Week One and from the other side of the topic on Week Two. That exercise really helped me see the broader perspective. You can try this exercise with a friend who is willing to play.
Sweetheart Drawing the Sweetheart card may suggest that love is in the air or on its way. The best way to prepare for the love you want is to make sure that the love you have for yourself is the vibrational match you desire.  If you want your sweetheart to love you at a "10" then you need to love yourself at a "10!"  If your Inner Critic only has you believing you're a "3" then you will attract someone who is only capable of loving you at a "3." Meditate on your gifts, your talents, your heart and all the reasons why you are important, special, lovable. Do things that bring you joy and remind you of all the reasons why you are a lovely human being. Do this exercise often and feel your heart and love that you have for yourself and others grow and expand. Let this be your normal tendency, not just an exercise you do once in a while. As this becomes your dominate state-of-being, just watch who shows up and enjoy your Sweetheart!
Let it Go Drawing the Let it Go card may suggest that you have a grudge, an expectation, a worry, a fear or an attachment that you need to let go. This can be done with a heart-felt conversation, meditation or energy work, or by having a conscious awareness that you have a block or attachment in the first place. When in doubt, go into a meditation and ask your Intuition what you might be holding onto that is holding you back. Identify it, learn from it, release it. Doing this will inevitably create space for something new.
Simplify Drawing the Simplify card may suggest that things are too complicated or cluttered. It is hard to find the signal when there is too much noise. Consider getting rid of things that are cluttering your time, space or energy and resist the temptation to fill that fresh new space with more stuff.  Decluttering life, getting rid of the distractions creates more space. This exercise will allow you to get back to the essentials -- enjoying leisure time, focusing on wellness or health, experience peace instead of chaos. 
Grow & Expand Drawing the Grow & Expand card may suggest that it's time to grow or stretch beyond your comfort zone. This may look like taking a chance (even if it's scary) pushing yourself to do something even if it seems hard.  It will allow you to make challenging yourself "normal" which will inspire confidence.  Not everything you venture into will be fun or yummy or catch fire inside...but how do you know until you try. 
Go Within Drawing the Go Within card may suggest it is time for quiet contemplation or self reflection. There may be something that is heavy on your heart or weighing you down that finally needs to be addressed. Going within can be in the form of a hike or walk or weekend alone without distractions.  It can look like lighting a candle or sitting in prayer without the distraction of the world and all of its opinions. Remember, all of the answers you need are inside of you.  Going into meditation and asking your Intuition for guidance is a wonderful way to Go Within.
Body Drawing the Body card may suggest it is time to take care of your physical body. Be mindful of your diet and exercise program. Be willing to make adjustments to how you are moving and nourishing your body. Set the intention to keep your immune system and its optimum health top of mind.  Do things to support it.  Make one change every week for the next month that will improve its state-of-being.  That can be either by removing one thing that you do to your body that is taxing or include one thing that your body will appreciate.  We only get one body in this life.  Treat it well!!
Mind Drawing the Mind card may suggest it is time to take inventory of your thoughts. Thoughts turn into things so what have you been ruminating over, worrying about, fretting over?  All of these non-productive thoughts aren't just taking up valuable space in your mind, they are taking up valuable storage where things that you actually want can't find space to take up residence. If you ever catch yourself having a thought that is making you feel worried or heavy-hearted, flip over the coin because there is another side to consider.  Every coin as two sides.  Instead of focusing on the dark side of the coin, flip it over and focus on the light side. Break the habit, even if it's tricky at first, and pretty soon you will be the person that looks at the bright side.  Take control of what your mind thinks and focuses on and you will be amazed at the improvements. Changing the way your mind thinks takes time...but not as much as you think if you're consistent.
Energy Drawing the Energy card wants you to look at your energetic harmony. Do things to unblock and feed your energy system.  This can look like Reiki, Acupuncture, Acupressure, Meditation, Sound Therapy, spending the day with friends that make you laugh. Avoid things or people that make us feel small and that includes your own Inner Critic. Replace toxins with tonics (physically, mentally and energetically). Your Energy System is the foundation of who you are.  Keep the foundation steady and strong and the house on which it sits upon will be steady and strong.
Deliberate Drawing the Deliberate card invites you to remember that every boomerang you toss you will also need to catch.  Be aware of the actions you are taking now as they will come back to you.  Once you understand this you can be more intentional about your thoughts and actions that you send out into the world.  If you are catching a boomerang right now that you are not enjoying, go into a meditation to find out if this is a boomerang you previously tossed, and if so,  learn from it so that you can take better and more deliberate actions moving forward.  
Heart Drawing the Heart card reminds you to keep your heart open. The Heart is the home of Intuition and the essence of life is Love.  If the Heart is closed off, protected, shutdown, or guarded, under the assumption that the heart is protected, you are only looking at the gate as keeping out the unwanted.  You are also, unwittingly keeping out the good and making your heart a prisoner to its own insecurities.  Tear down the gate, be vulnerable (which may mean you become emotional). Feel your feelings!!! Apologize where it is necessary, forgive even if your Ego doesn't want to. Don't try to pretend that your are indifferent when your heart still cares at its core. Let your heart feel what it needs to feel so that you can finally move forward, open, free and unafraid.  Love is your heart's natural state of being.
Bliss Drawing the Bliss card reminds you to enjoy the blissful things in life.  Be grateful for all that you have, take stock of your blessings as there is so much joy in your life.  Focus on the blissful boomerangs that have come to you as a result of your blissfully intended boomerangs tossed out. Enjoy!!!!!!
Balance Drawing the Balance card may suggest that you need more balance in your life.  If your life is all go-go-go then you may need to incorporate more time to just be still.  If your life is all be-be-be, you may need to get off your tush and get some action-based activities going in your life. Yin and Yang is the masculine and feminine balance that we all have in various degrees. Yin is the nurturing, feminine, contemplative energy while the Yang is the masculine, action-oriented energy. Both are needed and in equal measure. Check in with your body to see if it is giving you signs.  The Yin is the left side and the Yang is the right side. If there are aches and pains or misalignments on one side, it may be a signal that your balance is off. You can also meditate on the subject.  Since the Sun is Yang and the Moon is Yin, you can ask which sky you want to lay underneath for balance and then lay under the Sun or Moon during this meditation.
New Beginnings Drawing the New Beginnings card may suggest that you are on the verge of a new adventure or a fresh start in one or more aspects of your life. This could mean a new or change in your career, family, living situation or path.  New beginnings are exciting. Be open and have no expectations. Relinquish any need to control and be fluid.  You'll let things in the door much more easily.
Fluid Drawing the Fluid card reminds you to be flexible.  All energy flows and when you are fluid you allow things to flow easily and effortlessly.  Control is an illusion but resistance is real.  Release the urge to try to wrangle the clouds as it can't be done.  Resistance, however, is a by-product of trying to control and only beats you up along the way. Remember, you are in charge of "What" and "Why" and God or The Universe is in charge of "How" and "When."
Shine Drawing the Shine card reminds you that you came to this life with a bag of gifts. Your job is to unpack them, examine them, fine-tune them, and most of all, share them.  Keep in mind that as your gifts are enjoyable to you, they are necessary for others.  Please remember to share your gifts.
Authenticity Drawing the Authenticity card reminds you to be yourself and to use your voices to express your truth. It is important to make the distinction that you can use your powerful voice but always from a loving place, not one of defensiveness or judgement or apology. As you continue to stand in your shoes as genuine expressions of yourself, you also won't care how you will be received as you will remember that those who do not accept you as you are have their own healing to do.  It's ok. Love them anyway.
Learn Drawing the Learn card suggests there is a new skill, talent, tool or subject to learn. Listen to the direction you are being pulled toward and let excitement choose for you.  For instance, if you have an opportunity to learn piano or the trombone, test them both and see which instrument excites you the most. Then go that way.  Even if you don't know what or how this new learning will unfold in your life, trust it anyway as it will likely make more sense as the path unfolds.
Prosperity Drawing this card reminds us that abundance will find us when we are focused on abundance.The Universe operates through a law of resonance which means what we put our attention on expands or is able to find us.  Focusing and feeling how it feels to lack brings more lack, focusing and feeling how it feels to be abundant brings more abundance. This card may suggest the prosperity you've been feeling is on its way.
Resources Drawing this card suggests that a new tool, gift or resources is on its way to you to assist you on your journey.  Keep your eyes and ears open and your heart full so these new resources can find you easily. Your body is one giant Yes/No meter. When you find your resources, your body will indicate through signs such as chills, excitement or maybe a subtle as curiosity.  Be aware.
Clarity Drawing this card is a reminder that your environment, the world around you, is a reflection of yourself. Maintaining clarity within will help you to clearly see where you are, who you are, and the next breadcrumb to take. This may include cleaning up your diet such as removing alcohol or processed foods, cleaning up the thoughts you think and the feelings you feel, and/or cleaning up your habits. Try your new purified lifestyle for 2 weeks and watch the changes that take place inside and around you.
Silver Lining If you drew this card, let it be a reminder that every dark cloud has a silver lining. Another way of saying this is every coin has two sides.  While you could focus on the dark side of the coin, I suggest flipping it over and enjoying the light side of the coin.  Living in a resonance-based universe, you will absolutely enjoy the things you call to you when you are focused on the silver lining rather than the dark cloud. If you are not sure how to find the silver lining, go into a meditation and ask your Intuition. Your Intuition will absolutely show you the light side of the coin.
Passion Drawing the Passion card wants you to look at the passion that is either prevalent or missing in your life. Passion could relate to your romantic relationship, your creative passion or your passion for life. Passion is such an important aspect to why we are here and to our purpose. When you feel alive, you have passion burning inside you. Let passion guide you, do things that you are passionate about as much as you can.
Courage Drawing the Courage card reminds us that courage may be necessary to do scary things that our Intuition wants us to do. Courage comes from our power center and helps to push us forward when we feel scared. This card reminds you that you have it inside of you to move forward. You. just need to put one foot in front of the other.
Choose Peace Drawing the Choose Peace card is a reminder to you that you have the choice to choose peace over drama. Both feelings have a vibration; a feeling. Living in a resonance-based universe, dramatic feelings inside will bring more drama, feeling peaceful feelings inside will bring more peace.  Ultimately, you choose. I recommend choosing peace for you mental, physical and spiritual health and longevity.
Kindness Drawing the kindness card is a reminder to you that choosing kindness is not only good for your heart it's good for the heart of loved-ones, of your immediate community and, of course,  of mankind.  If you find yourself being mean, spiteful, rude or aggressive (either outwardly or quietly in your own mind), remember that this resonance-based Universe is hearing you and feeling you and bringing more to you just like it. Not only that, a heart feels better and operates better when it is kind.
Mentor Drawing this card is a reminder that while you have your mentors that have helped you along your path, be aware that you are mentoring others even if you are unaware of it.  This card may also suggest that a mentor is on its way to you. Be aware.
Empathy Drawing this card is a beautiful reminder that you have the ability to see or feel another person's position to fully understand where they are coming from but you don't have to match their vibration. When you get confused as to whether or not you are feeling someone else or whether those feelings belong to you, check in with yourself. Audit them and dump the feelings that aren't yours.  This can easily be done with a simple exercise. Ask yourself, "Was I feeling this before I was talking with this person? Is this mine or theirs?" If you get the hunch that it is theirs, just imagine the feeling you are holding for them blowing away. This card may also suggest a lack of empathy or ability to see someone else's position.  When in doubt, ask your Intuition.
Trust Drawing this card is a wonderful reminder to trust. If you find yourself trying to control, it is because you aren't trusting God or The Universe.  There is a difference between acting on a passion and trying to control something. The difference is in the feeling you have. Acting on passion is fun. Trying to control is exhausting. When we trust, we go with the flow and enjoy the ride because we know that something bigger than us, this powerful force, is working with us. Trust. 
Focus Drawing this card is a reminder that you have this awesome ability to focus your attention, even when people out there or your Inner Critic tries to convince you that you can't focus. Yes, you can and you do. Focusing your attention on anything will bring more like that on which you focus on to you.  Are you focusing on what you want? More of what you want will show up.  Are you focusing on what you don't want, more of that will show up.  Your awesome power to put your focus on anything you want, almost as if you are placing your order, is an incredible superpower.  Use it to your advantage. Enjoy!

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