TZR Monthly Subscription Box



The Zen Room feels like a little piece of heaven here on earth where new and exciting products arrive regularly. Now you can have some of the newest, and oftentimes extraordinarily unique gifts delivered right to your door every month.

The Zen Room now offers a custom subscription box program and each box will include goodies like crystals, candles, wellness products, jewelry, you know, fun and zen stuff.

And because I know my TZR community LOVES to pay it forward, 6% of profits from every box will be donated to a different charity every month. There will be a little love note inside every box to let you know which charity is being funded in any particular month. If you have a charity you'd like me to consider, let me know!!!!

Being first has its advantages!


As with any new program, there will always be the trailblazers.  That's you guys - the cool kids! As trailblazers, you are helping me to launch this new program which means that you will be paying a month in advance for every box moving forward. But rest assured...even if you decide to cancel down the line, you will still get your final box the following month.  Here's the upswing, you'll be getting the Trailblazers Pricing which means your monthly subscription box will only cost you $39.00 a month and that includes shipping and your donation.  As long as you keep your Trailblazer Subscription, you keep the Trailblazer Price.  As this program starts to ramp up, the price of the box will increase but you guys will be grandfathered in.

So, whether The Zen Room Box is coming to your door or you're gifting it to a friend or organization,  it's important to me that you feel like indulging yourself and building your self-care collection stays in your budget.

Trailblazer Price - $39.00 a month (includes shipping and donation to charity of the month)

Love, Dawn!


  • Oh my goodness do I LOVE the box. Every detail! What an incredible uplifting and inspirational treat. I love that some of the proceeds go to different organizations. Dawn, I have tried many subscription boxes and this is hands down and by a millions miles the best one every.  I'm signing up two boxes as gifts to dear friends. THANK YOU!!  -TB
  • My box came today and I couldn't wait to open it. I felt like a kid opening a grab bag. Thank you, thank you!  - LT
Price: $39.00