Virtual Group Guided Meditation


Hi Everyone,

From now until the Shelter-in-Place is lifted, we are going to be doing something very exciting!!!! (Drum roll, please.....)  We are going to be hosting our group meditations in the cloud (aka, virtual video conference).  I've always wanted to try this and this gives me a perfect opportunity to do it.   Because it's new and you are my guinea pigs, I am going to be offering this Group Video meditation for $8.00 per virtual class.  (You don't have to have your camera on if you don't want to.)

What this will allow me to do:

  • Have a farther reach. So many people ask me about meditations but they don't live locally.  Now they can participate!!
  • Record meditations.
  • Get grounded and stay sane during this period that feels very wobbly.
  • Have a group larger than 12 people.  So often I have to turn people away because the room only has so many spots.
  • Yes, I will still be sending Reiki Energy to the group remotely.  (This is not a new concept. I have a lot of groups I do this with who are out of state.)

I'm excited to launch this new adventure and if it goes well it just may be a permanent offering!

Once you sign up for the class you will get a link from me that you will use to log into The Meditation Cloud.    Soo exciting!!

We will reconvene with our fabulous in-person meditations in The Zen Room once the S-I-P is lifted. 

Price: $8.00