The Silence Between the Notes

Music would be just a bunch of noise if it weren't for the silence between the notes. 

As we rush around with our monkey minds running wild, it is easy to get caught up in all of the distractions of life. We're bombarded with imagery, messages and expectations that can easily become integrated into our idealistic existence and core belief system.

But with all these messages swirling around and all these things to think about popping in and out of our heads, it's no wonder that fewer and fewer of us are having less time to dedicate to the silence. And as a society, it shows.

Whether it is a hypnosis session or yoga class once a week, 5 minutes of meditation every day, or a quiet afternoon of gardening a few times a month, carving out some time to silence the overactive mind has a world of benefits, such as reducing stress (which exacerbates every ailment under the sun) and restoring a nice sense of calm.  Hypnosis also allows a space for new ideas to emerge. We've all had those a-ha moments in the shower when all we were focusing on was the rhythm and the feeling of the water showering over us... or those dark nights down a lonely highway where there was nothing but miles and miles of painted lane dividers moving us into a state of highway hypnosis. Often times a daydream is our mind's way of escaping somewhere exciting and expanding and usually by accident.

So be kind to yourself and make some time on a regular basis to build in some silence between the notes. The music will sound so much sweeter.

Dawn Marie. © Copyright, 2015. The Zen Room