I Can Do It Myself!

Close your eyes and go back into your childhood to the first time you resisted help while exclaiming, "I can do it myself!"  Smiling yet?

It is easy to see that children from a very young age are really able to align with the idea of becoming self sufficient and I personally see it as a demonstration of confidence and willingness to stand within their decision. Whether or not it is appropriate to abandon all help is irrelevant. The point lies within their conviction.

Without getting into a discussion on nature vs. nurture and focusing strictly on the nurturing side of things, individuals can logically put themselves into one of two camps as they fast forward from the "I can do it myself" realization to this moment in time.

  • Camp One: These individuals believe in the courage of their own convictions and have been continuously supported to reinforce the mindset that they can do or be anything. They surround themselves with positive influences. They see mistakes as valuable lessons to help them grow stronger, better and more focused. They are always looking for areas to improve and think possibilities are exciting. 
  • Camp Two: These individuals, to some degree, have been conditioned to doubt themselves based on input from loved ones, authority and outside influences. They believe some, if not all, mistakes are there to show them what they aren't able to achieve which makes them nervous and fearful in their choices moving forward. They tend to surround themselves with people who aren't necessarily healthy and aren't totally convinced that they are capable of improving.

Regardless of which camp any individual identifies with, I'm standing here with my pom-poms to say that Camp One is the goal and to remind those in Camp Two that there is a better way.

Again, go back in time to the moment you were born minus 40 weeks (give or take some weeks) and remind yourself how amazing the body and mind are; so much so that a tiny little cell had all the information and ability within itself to form a complex system we call a human being. That kind of power doesn't go away. It continues to impress with its ability to learn new things, grow and expand in size and complexity - to build cities, reproduce new humans, think new thoughts, heal the body when it is compromised and ponder the meaning of life.

I believe the only thing that stops anyone from achieving greatness is their own belief that they can't be great.

Using Guided Meditation to Get to Camp One

Guided meditation and hypnosis are excellent tools that allow the powerful mind to take center stage. The subconscious mind cannot differentiate between what it sees and what it imagines. Think about that. By visualizing/practicing a particular scenario over and over again within a relaxed or hypnotic state, the brain is rehearsing the outcome it desires and essentially rehearses it mentally so it can be reproduced, in the real world, at a later date. It can help improve wanted behaviors and retrain behaviors no longer wanted - including patterns of thinking. Hypnosis and Guided Imagery are solutions as opposed to band-aids which means they stick. Think of it this way. If you can learn a bad habit, you can just as easily learn a good one.

  • It can help the basketball professional fine tune his hook shot
  • It can allow the novelist to identify and remove her creative block
  • It can assist the business man overcome his fear of public speaking 
  • It can replace out-dated ways of thinking while discovering, again, inner strength

Hypnosis and Guided Imagery can help individuals regain those fundamental qualities that allow them to truly believe they can do or be anything. It can put people back in touch with that self-empowered little being that said, "I can do it myself," before the world told them differently - and they believed it.

"Whether you think you can or whether you think you can't, you're right." - Henry Ford

Dawn Culp © Copyright, 2015. The Zen Room