If You Weren't Afraid?

"What would you do if you weren’t afraid?” I love this question, mostly because it really gets the brain thinking about all of the big dreams and grand ideas being put on the backburner because the outcome is not guaranteed and there’s certainly no telling how these choices will be perceived by others.

Human beings are hard-wired to care about what others think about our appearances, our talents and our choices - it’s part of being human and having an ego. Many of us choose to conceal the parts of ourselves that we are sure loved ones and acquaintances won’t understand for fear of being ridiculed.  In short, we tend to share only the bits and pieces that we think will be accepted, and hopefully praised. The parts of us that we accept and share are the parts that grow stronger, and the parts that are ignored tend to fall by the wayside.

We all secretly admire Superheroes. They are strong and powerful, they make personal sacrifices and we all marvel at the super-human abilities they have - but even Batman hides his identity.  Sure, these larger-than-life warriors need to protect themselves from the bad guys, but would they be fully accepted without their masks? Do super-human gifts require out-of-this-world disguises to separate the man from his abilities?  Do these alter egos make it safe for Superheroes to utilize their powers to their fullest without judgement from a world that doesn’t really understand them?

I believe that there is a Superhero in each of us with talents that we may not fully understand - dying to be discovered, released and used for good. But, will we ever be able to tap into our full potential - will we ever be able to fully develop the gifts we have inside of us if we are too afraid to own them, announce them and share them with the world?  And, how much evolution are we leaving behind if we simply choose to let our super powers atrophie?

Magic is happening right now, every moment of every day, whether it’s a masseuse sharing the healing power of touch, a musician pulling a brand new song out of the ether  or a mother tapping into her intuition to keep her children safe.  As with anything, the more focused attention we put on developing any skill the stronger it becomes.

My hope for the next chapter of our lives is that we allow ourselves to find these unique gifts inside; to become our own Superheroes. As we discover these abilities, be it a better communication stream with our intuition, a more creative or artistic flow or even as bold as honing in on “supernatural” powers, we need to recognize these abilities in our minds,  feel its strength in our hearts and then find the courage to own our gifts and share them to do good in the world. If we were all empowered to use the abilities we have without judging ourselves while empowering others to use their gifts free of criticism, imagine the world we could create! We would find ourselves living in an open world where the human potential could soar - where even Spiderman could remove his mask.

Dawn Marie. © Copyright, 2013. The Zen Room