Emotional Bee Sting

A common question that I get from my clients and friends pertains to the irritation they hold for themselves when they let things bother them that they want to let go of, particularly because they "should know better by now."  I hear it all the time, especially from those who have done a lot of work on themselves mentally and/or spiritually.

Here's an example:  I have a client that has been coming to me regularly for over 5 years. She comes once every couple of months for her energy tune up and does a nice job of keeping up her meditation practice at home - at least 3, 15 minute meditation sessions a week.  She called me out of the blue last month to confess that a situation at work really got the best of her and, in her words, it knocked her back to someone she thought she outgrew.

I loved this phone conversation because I had found myself searching for my own answers in a similar meditation about a week earlier.  I had a personal issue where someone had made a snap judgement about me and I felt my stomach turn as soon as it hit my ears. And, because it's a sensation I don't feel very often, it was totally unacceptable to live with this feeling for very long, so, off to The Zen Room I went.

The meditation started out the way they all do - ground, connect, breath, relax, settle in, feel the body give in and the brain waves start to slow...2 minutes, 3 minutes, 4 minutes later.... I'm all the way in. I asked my question and off we went. Since I experience the majority of my information visually, my movie started to play and my sense of knowing filled in the narration.

The scene started out with me walking in a garden enjoying the sunshine and bending over to smell a flower when all of a sudden, a bee came out of the flowerbed and stung me right on the arm. I looked over at my arm and saw the area where the bee got me and thought to myself, "that's going to sting for a couple days."  It was then that the realization came flooding in. No matter how old or wise I get, a bee sting is going to hurt for a little while, then it won't and then I won't even think about it in a couple of days. I won't take it personally, it had nothing to do with the bee trying to hurt me, the bee most likely felt threatened and was just trying to protect itself, and it won't make me afraid to go into gardens or smell flowers in the future.  Rubbing the bee sting will only make it worse and focusing on it won't make the sting settle down...only time will do that. It's just a bee sting (unless you're allergic and that's a whole other blog).

A harsh situation or an unkind word will meet up with us from time to time and we have a reaction to unpleasant run-ins because we are human and we're supposed to learn and grown every day.  And, we learn a whole lot quicker to respect a red coil on a hot stove by touching it than we do by believing someone when they tell us it's hot.  (I guess we're just weird that way.)

We've all been in this situation before and none of us will escape the rest of our lives free and clear of physical or emotional bee stings.  The best we can do is this:

  • Try to take whatever lessons we can once we feel this uncomfortable sting. (Do I need to take responsibility in any way? Do I need to make a move or make an adjustment in my life?)
  • Just like we would need to pull out the stinger on a physical bee sting, we'll need to release whatever is left behind after the event energetically
  • Trust that the sting itself will feel better once it's left alone and let time do its healing

Once you put it all into perspective, the sting will be gone in no time and you'll be back on your journey.  Remember, we are spirtual beings having a human experience and, believe it or not, getting stung is part of the fun!

-Dawn Marie. © Copyright, 2016, The Zen Room