Share Your Fruit, Not Your Soil

One of the many things that I love about meditation is the clarity that is provided around every day, real-life situations. Because I'm primarily a visual person, when meditating I often see messages in movie clips and images. On this particular day, the message was meant for a client who was sitting with me but because the message is so relevant and really powerful, I feel as though this message speaks to the masses.

Let me walk you through the experience as it unfolded.

Both my client and I were sitting together relaxed and in a meditative state. With my eyes closed, a movie clip began to play in my mind.  At first the movie clip made no sense, which is often the case, but soon the movie clip was downloaded with some cliff notes or a sense of understanding what I'm looking at.  For lack of a better way of saying it, I just started to "know" what the movie clip playing in my head was supposed to mean.  

Here is how the movie clip began:

I saw a close up shot of the roots of a tree surrounded, as one would expect, by some fertile soil.  At this point, I have no idea what kind of tree it is so I sit and wait for the movie in my mind to progress.  I then see an empty hand come into the frame and scoop out a large handful of soil away from the roots leaving one of the roots totally exposed.  Then I saw another hand come in and scoop out, yet, another huge handful of soil leaving even more of the roots exposed.  I then began to see the roots become dry and brittle. The trunk began to shrivel and the tree was obviously struggling to survive. The movie clip in my head then zoomed out showing me that this would have been a fruit tree but because so much soil had been removed, the tree was not only providing no fruit, it was dying. Then the cliff notes came and brought it all home for me.  This fruit tree and its lack of soil was an analogy about money, time, and/or energy.

Any farmer will tell you that you have to take care of the root system of a tree, or any plant for that matter, for the tree to remain healthy. If you keep the soil moist and nourished, the root system will thrive and you will have a gorgeous, healthy fruit tree that will provide a ton of fruit.  We have an apple tree in our backyard and when apple season hits, we have more apples than we know what to do with.  We can't eat them all ourselves so we give the extra apples to neighbors, family and friends and share the spoils of our fruit tree.  Not for one second do we think that our apple tree would do so well if we were to rob it of all its soil.  Our tree would struggle  and there wouldn't be any fruit to enjoy ourselves, let alone to share. We can all wrap our heads around this idea - healthy trees with nutrient-rich soil generate a lot of fruit.

But this analogy most defenitely had to do with money and this is where those cliff notes that were downloaded with the image helped to bring this analogy home.  We can all agree that fertile soil is essential to any tree's survival, just like food, water and shelter is key to any human's survival.  Taking a handful of soil away from the root system is no different than giving away rent money.  We need to protect our root system so we can have a healthy tree that provides a lot of fruit; then we can give all the fruit away that we want knowing that more fruit is always coming.

This was such a huge a-ha for both me and my client that I've shared this message with several friends and the reaction has been the same across the board!  Of course, we all want to share what we have, but if we are giving our grocery money away does that really make sense?  Wouldn't it be better to get our own root system in order first - to make sure our own tree is thriving and then give the fruit away?  Doesn't it makes sense to create a budget that covers all the necessary bases (food, rent, savings) that will keep our own roots in tip-top shape and then share the fruits that our beautiful fruit tree is producing!

I shared this message with a friend of mine and the reaction was perfect.  She is a small business owner who loves to support small businesses at the farmers market.  She would find herself using her soil money to make fruit purchases.  The problem with this model is, the rent-man always comes knocking and the weeks leading up to the rent being due ran parallel to too many fruit purchases made with soil money which created worry. Worry is a show stopper and can shut down production lines in a flash.  Energetically speaking, it is a lot harder to make money when you need to make money.  When you don't need money, it literally flows right to you.  Had she not spent her soil money on things she didn't need (although her intentions to support the mom and pop businesses were well-intended) she would have had her rent money in the bank, and she would have been feeling very abundant and relaxed, which, energetically speaking, is an awesome energy to create more, more and more!  She could have supported the mom and pop business with "the more."

My hope is that by sharing this message with all of you that you will start to think about your money, time and energy in two different categories.  Ask yourself when making a purchase or giving of your time or attention if this exchange is coming from your soil or if it is coming from the abundant fruit supply that your tree is producing.  Be clear in that realization and watch how things begin to shift in your favor.

Here's to maintaining a healthy root system!

-Dawn Marie. © Copyright, 2015, The Zen Room