Play Your Note

Anyone who knows me knows that I love meditation - all kinds of meditation from silent meditation to guided meditation to breathing meditation to zoning-out-while-doing-the-dishes meditation. Sometimes my meditations are calming and centering and sometimes they are more like a dream with a hidden treasure inside; a visualization with a lesson, so-to-speak.

One particular afternoon in late Summer, 2016, I had a meditation that had me look at things very differently; a meditation that really gave me a new perspective.

My meditation started with me walking along a beautiful, crisp flowing stream. The day was perfect and I was calm and peaceful in this beautiful setting that my mind was painting for me. I noticed up ahead a Crystal Kingdom that was so breathtaking that I was drawn to it instantly. I walked across a crystal bridge that stretched across a crystal stream and noticed everything in this Crystal Kingdom was, indeed, made out of crystal but the energy here was amazing. I looked around and noticed every dog here was happily walking by his human wagging its tail. Every human here was smiling. The colors here were bright and cheery and the air felt great. It was light and sweet and my heart felt full just standing in this Crystal Kingdom. If joy could manifest into a community, I just stumbled into it.

I stood in the center of this place and stretched my arms out and asked, "Why does everything feel so good here? Why are all the animals so happy and well-behaved? Why is everything so beautiful? Why is everyone here in such great spirits?"

Instantly, I got an answer from the Crystal Kingdom. "Because, here in the Crystal Kingdom, everyone is in-tune and playing their note. Another way of saying that is everyone here is living their passion or their purpose. When everyone plays their note, a beautiful and harmonious song is created."

I felt the urge to turn around and look behind me when the voice continued, "Back there, from the land that you came from, too many people are not playing their note. They may be flat, sharp or simply out of tune living a life that they do not enjoy. Playing a note that is not your own is not only unhealthy for the individual, it's bad for the song or the community. The more people we can get in tune, the better the symphony will sound." As I looked at the land that I just came from, the air looked heavy and darker somehow. People weren't glowing like they were in the Crystal Kingdom.

I turned around again to face the center of the Crystal Kingdom. It was a much prettier, lighter and brighter view. The voice continued on. "That's why, in the Crystal Kingdom, everyone is joyful. We are all playing our note, our soul's note, and in turn creating a beautiful melody together. Remember, if you're not in-tune, you're out of tune."

In that moment, it suddenly dawned on me the importance of living with passion and purpose. These humans and animals in the Crystal Kingdom are happy not because of what they have acquired but because of how they feel and live their lives and take care of one another and their environment. That, in turn, contributes to a happy and healthy family which in turn influences neighborhoods and communities for the better. Then I imagined everyone living with passion and purpose and I began to see that the Crystal Kingdom is out there for everyone if we'd all just agree to spend more time re-tuning ourselves - leaving behind the things that drag us down and moving towards things that are inspiring. That includes how we spend our time, how we earn our living, who we spend our days with and the kind of thoughts we think.

I heard those words again ringing in my ears. "If you're not in tune, you're out of tune."

-Dawn Marie. © Copyright, 2016, The Zen Room