The Fortune AND The Cookie

I had a very insightful meditation this week that left me with such a great message, I just had to share it. For those of you unfamiliar with the process, I typically get movie clips in my head when I'm meditating and often times there is a universal message that unfolds just like a story with a useful take-away. On this particular day, the message looked something like this.

I was watching a close up of a Fortune Cookie being broken open and I got really excited because I thought there were going to be fantastic words of wisdom to read on the fortune. In my meditation, I did what I've done a thousand times before - I cracked open the cookie and gave all my attention to the little white slip of paper inside. Unfortunately, my Fortune Cookie fortune was blurry so I had to round up all my patience for the letters on my fortune to hopefully come into focus. But those words on the white paper never did become clear. All the words were blurry. Now, I trust my meditations enough to know that if I was supposed to be able to read my fortune, it would be clear as day, so I waited, knowing something bigger was at play here....

Then my scene panned to the discarded pile of cookie crumbs that I had swept aside and the bigger message became crystal clear. I had always made the Fortune Cookie exercise all about the fortune, the message, the crescendo, the climax while totally ignoring the yummy cookie that carried this fortune all the way to my plate. This steadfast cookie made sure my fortune arrived safely AND it did so in a delicious carrying case that I could enjoy as a dessert. I even saw the irony within my meditation. I didn't enjoy the cookie and then read my fortune - I dove right into the fortune to see what it had to tell me and threw my cookie aside hoping that those blurry words would come into focus. I know, I know, we all love the fortune and often times treat the cookie as carnage or a necessary evil to get to the good stuff. And then I began to think. Does that way of thinking bleed over into other parts of my life?

As simple as this thought might be, it was powerful none-the-less.

Us humans can get so wrapped up in the big moment, whatever that big moment might be, that we loose sight of the beautiful things that helped our fortune make its way safely to us. We can get so impatient on our way to wanting to finally arrive at the next great thing (the new job, the new home, the new relationship) that we don't stop to appreciate all the things, all of the cookies, that are carrying our fortune safely to us. It became clear in my meditation that I really need to give just as much gratitude to the cookie as I do to the fortune. After all, the cookie and the fortune were always meant to be a package deal.

-Dawn Marie. © Copyright, 2017, The Zen Room